Cochran provides, through its Public Works Department, a transportation network, water and sewer system,  solid waste collection, and a natural gas system to the citizens and businesses of the City of Cochran and adjacent Bleckley County (including our emerging industrial park).  For additional information on the specifics of our services, please click on the "Infrastructure" button.  

Bleckley County Memorial Hospital is an accredited 25 bed critical access hospital located in Cochran.  For additional information related to our hospital, please click on the "Healthcare" button.

Cochran and Bleckley County are located in Middle Georgia  at Latitude 32.39 N, Longitude 83.35 W.  Cochran, the county seat for Bleckley County, has a total area of 4.7 square miles (12.3 km2).  The community's location provides easy access to two major interstates, rail service, several ports and local, regional, and international airports.


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The Georgia Department of Labor Statistics for Cochran and Bleckley County can be viewed by clicking on the "Bleckley County Labor Profile" button.

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The Middle Georgia region experiences all four seasons. Summers typically consist of long spells of warm and humid weather. Average afternoon high temperatures are in the lower 90s. Readings of 90 or higher can be expected on 70 to 80 days. Overnight lows usually range from the upper 60s to lower 70s.

Temperatures during winter months are more variable. Oftentimes, stretches of mild weather will alternate with cold spells. Winter high temperatures average in the mid 50s to lower 60s. Lows average in the mid 30s. Lows of 32 degrees or lower can be expected on 40 to 50 days.

Spring and Autumn seasons are characterized by much variability from day to day and from year to year. The average date of the first freeze is in mid-November. The average date of the last freeze in the spring is in mid to late March.

A measurable amount of rain falls on about 120 days each year, producing amounts averaging between 45 and 50 inches. As for snowfall, the average annual total is less than one inch.

Averaging over many years, the driest months are September and October while the wettest month is March. Thunderstorms are common in the spring and summer months. On a typical year, thunder will be heard on 50 to 60 days.

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The City of Cochran and Bleckley County are located in an educational mecca that supports the educational and workforce needs of citizens in the Middle Georgia region. City residents have access to quality educational resources that extend from Pre-Kindergarten through College.  For additional information on the educational programs available within our community, please click on the "Education" button.  

Cochran is a small southern town, rural and largely agricultural, in the Heart of Georgia.  Despite its size, there is something unique here. The buildings and streets may seem unimpressive to some, but many will attest to the impressive sense of community. Where family roots and faith run deep, this is a place Cochran natives are proud to call home.

While Cochran and Bleckley County are convenient to Atlanta and the Georgia Ports, Cochran suffers much less from many of the issues typical of those urban areas…such as traffic congestion, parking issues, higher living expenses and rents, high crime rates, gangs, homelessness and more restrictive governance.

The 2012 Cost of Living Index in Bleckley County was 81.2, lower than the national average of 100.  The 2012 Cochran’s Housing index score is 50 as compared to the national average of 100.