How Does Your Business Fit in Cochran-Bleckley County, Georgia?

Many companies choose to relocate in Cochran-Bleckley County, Georgia because of the successful nature of existing businesses, pro-business attitude of the leadership, and its quality workforce.

Industries that are a good fit for Cochran and Bleckley County include:

  • Light Manufacturing

    Bleckley County has a history of manufacturing and a workforce that is skilled in manufacturing and assembly. Additionally, the county has the infrastructure and natural resources, as well as plenty of developable land, for manufacturers to thrive.

  • Logistics

    Proximity to two major interstate highways – I-16 and I-75 – puts Bleckley County in a perfect position to host logistics, transportation and warehousing companies.

  • Forestry

    Bleckley County, Georgia is largely rural, and agriculture is one of the major industries. Bleckley County’s annual farm gate value tops $31 million, and timber and forestry products make up more than 10% of that total.

  • Food Processing

    Agriculture is a major economic engine in Bleckley County. Bleckley County is in the top 10 of Georgia counties in soybean production, with an annual farm gate value of $3.4 million. Total annual farm gate for row crops is $18 million, for beef cattle is $2.5 million and for poultry (broilers) is $2 million. Because manufacturing also has a strong history here with a trained workforce, food processing is a natural fit.